While a ketogenic lifestyle may not work for everyone, it has been the most amazing way to live for me.  I try to share my experience so other’s with the same battles no longer have to suffer.  I appreciate all of the feedback received whether keto works for you or not.

When I started a high fat diet, there was less information on the web, but that seems to be improving.  Doctor’s and athletes are doing more experiments and research with different types of ketogenic diets.  Bloggers and other ketoians are spreading the word on their successes through social media and internet.  Pinterest is becoming inundated with keto recipes.  It is easier to understand and try a ketogenic diet.

Some of your first questions/thoughts may be:  What are the benefits of a keto diet?  Why would you even want to try it?  The list of benefits is abundant and the ones listed below not all inclusive.

  1. Reduced hunger and crashes

My body is amazingly good at creating insulin.  I’ve mentioned my sweet tooth in keto dessert recipes.  My blood sugar test have always been excellent even through pregnancies and despite my maybe higher than average consumption.  I believe I’m just an insulin machine.  My insulin stays just high enough to always tell my body to store glucose as fat.

I’ve tried countless diets and exercise programs.  Some working better than others.  Best results usually with low-carb variation of eating.  However, I never felt great.  Keeping those lifestyles up became challenging.  With fat as the fuel source, I’m not lethargic or miserable.  I don’t get hangry.  I’m fat happy!

2. Weight Loss

I’ve lost over 70 lbs in the last year and a half.  Weight loss was faster at the beginning and slower now.  My goals of losing fat versus building muscle are also changing.  Eating fat and turning your body into a fat burning machine is awesome.  My sister called me “The incredible shrinking woman” and I’ll happily accept that title.

3. Energy

The increase in energy will not be immediate.  The body needs time to adjust and get in ketosis before energy changes will be noticed.  I’ve heard varying results on energy.  I’m not sure of the exact reasons, but my guess is that those who do not have more energy during a keto lifestyle are not getting enough fat.

You can get in ketosis by fasting alone.  Using just your own body fat as fuel.  This doesn’t feel great for prolonged periods.  Eating the fat is immediate fuel source that keeps you full and provides a steady source of energy.

4. Performance

What do you do with increased energy?  Besides having a more productive day, my focus changed to health.  Not just weight loss (which is amazing).  But being healthy and sticking around on this planet as long as I can for my kids.

As a practicing runner, my energy stores seem pretty limitless.  The farthest I have ran thus far is 15 miles so maybe this will change as I forge into new frontiers.  At the distances thus far, I’ve never been completely wiped out unless sprinting.  I get tired or thirsty, sure.  I think living in a state of ketosis makes it extra easy for my body to keep supplying energy on runs.  If the pace keeps my breathing under control, I can continue for a long time.

5.  Mental Clarity

Some essential vitamins that are needed for brain health require fat to be absorbed (water insoluble) like A, D, E and K.  The brain tissue is made up of 60% fat.  Omega 3 & 6 (particularly DHA) and fatty acids in plethora with a high fat diet.  Illnesses like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and depression are all showing signs of improvement with high fat diets.

6.  Disease Prevention

Keto first became popular with treatment of epilepsy in children.  It is used now for other illnesses.  The hot debate with cancer and high fat diets in combination with cancer treatments.  I can attest to my chronic migraines being greatly improved.  I can also substantiate the affects on inflammation.

7. Skin, bones, hair and nails

The same fatty acids, Omega 3’s and fat soluble vitamins that assist in mental clarity are also good for the rest of your body!  I’ve always had keratosis pilaris which is almost non-existent now.  My skin stay wells hydrated as well as my hair.  My nails are incredibly healthy and strong.  High fat increases intestinal calcium absorption.

8. Immune System

Fatty acids assist white blood cells in destroying bacteria, virus and fungi.  High fat diet results in decrease of inflammation and increase of immune system.

My favorite part of a ketogenic lifestyle is still getting to eat a cheeseburger at Five Guys with a lettuce wrap instead of bun and being completely full.  Eating a fat bomb to hit the spot when I need something sweet.  Never being hungry because I still eat until I am full/satisfied.  Having energy to live and work out.

The complexity of the human body is baffling.  I think we are always working towards being are best selves.  Maybe with future research there will be even easier ways to live healthy with ecstatic taste buds.  Until then, keto seems to be my perfect fit.

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