My love for coffee is probably greater than the average bear. When I was a kid I’d drink coffee with my grandmothers. My first memories of coffee are with with Nanny with lots of cream and sugar around six years old. I’d sit and drink the delicious brew just like I was big. There’s no memories of a time where I didn’t love coffee and it probably has to do with how much I loved the company I consumed it with.

Before even hearing about ketogenic diet I had read about bulletproof or butter coffee. Seriously, it sounded incredibly gross. I still love a full cream and sugar coffee. Or even better, coffee mate creamers made out of not even real food chemicals that come in any flavor I’d like.

Having three kids I omitted coffee with each pregnancy and nursing. I missed it though. I’ll drink it black or any way I can get it to have it. A few minutes of serenity in a cup that warms me up before starting the hectic day.

Since I like coffee any way, I thought why not give it a try? I was cutting sugar as part of my thousandth attempt at losing weight post children. Maybe butter in my coffee is what I need!

My advice is to start off with ghee and/or coconut oil. I like to add both. I had bought some ghee months prior because I had read how a warm cup of ghee in water can give you energy. I tried it without success because I found it challenging to have time to get in the cup of ghee and my beloved coffee!

I really liked the flavor of ghee. It’s like a nutty or caramel butter (not sweet). Coconut oil gives a really creamy texture. Readers will probably tire of me saying this but I’m going to over and over in my post. Nothing about keto is required. You gotta do you and your taste buds. Play with the coffee and see what you like or don’t like.

Besides the fat, I add collagen, turmeric, cinnamon and cacao most days. I sometimes add pumpkin spice seasoning instead or vanilla/coconut extract. Or heavy cream, almond or coconut milk. The only thing I’ve found that I don’t like in my keto coffee is something sweet. I use stevia blends as my go to sweetener when needed but I absolutely do not like it in the coffee.

Here are some pictures of my morning cup of joe from beginning to end:

Do not feel you have to use everything I do or buy a specific brand. I’m constantly changing up brands and trying different things. Keto is not boring or expensive.

When I travel, I make my fat & spice mixture in a container together and take a frother. It doesn’t give as much foam as the nutrabullet but it’s still quite acceptable.

I’m making my own ghee now too for I find I like mine better than store bought. I’ll post those steps with pictures on my next batch.

Let me know if you try anything amazing! MCT oil can be hard on the stomach starting out so if you go that route increase amount slowly.

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