The keto lifestyle is a big change when starting out.  Previously, I did a post for keto foods that I think was helpful.  However, in the last three weeks I’ve received so many questions on meals and meal planning.   It is very exciting for two different reasons.  First, more and more people are trying keto.  Second, those on keto are looking for longevity ideas. With the main question being, what is my keto meal go-to list?

If you don’t follow my instagram, then you should (@tasha.nicole.hammond).  I post lots of food I eat there for reference.  It is exceptionally challenging when your family doesn’t also live a keto lifestyle, but don’t fret.  Everything can be adapted.  Luckily my husband also chooses keto, but my kids are not yet interested.

Living a keto life, I find that my meals don’t necessarily follow the standard diet timing.  However, for ease of reading I placed the foods in the normally thought of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack lists.  Repeated some items across lists to hopefully keep a flexible mind set on those foods.  Most often my day consist of fat coffee, brunch, dinner/snack.

Maybe it would be helpful for me to make a full weekly meal plan. I myself can never follow those so I was going more for ideas and go-to’s.  I just won’t be in the mood for something planned.  Or I failed to pick up a needed item at the grocery.  I like to give myself a break and not stress to much over a strict daily diet.  On a day I have time, I may make a bunch of dishes to have ready leftovers when needed during a hectic schedule.

Thus far, anything we have wanted I’ve been able to adapt the recipe.  Not saying there won’t be some trial and error.  I find sugar substitutes a challenge and tend to use way less than any recipe online calls for.  My go to bread replacement in recipes is ground pork rinds mixed with almond or coconut flour depending on how dense I need.

Here’s my first stab at a list.  I’ll try to grow it and offer different ideas in the future.

Breakfast List

  • Bulletproof coffee
  • Eggs – Scrambled, fried, boiled, omelets
  • Sausage, Bacon, any leftovers
  • Greens or green drinks
  • Keto Yogurt (berries, sour cream and whipping cream)
  • Chia seed pudding
  • Minute bread with avocado

Lunch List

  • Salads – all varieties with cheese, meats, nuts, seeds, full fat low-carb dressings, etc.
  • Sandwiches – lettuce wrapped, mini using cucumbers as bread, meat and cheese rollups, or minute bread sandwich
  • Charcuterie or Keto Lunchables – Meats, cheeses, olives, pickles
  • All the breakfast you might have skipped if you filled up on fat coffee
  • Protein shakes with MCT oil

Dinner Lists

  • Soups, Salads and sandwiches
  • Meats and veggies (steak with broccoli, fish with asparagus, chicken with mashed cauliflower, pork chops with green beans, etc. etc.)
  • Adapted meals:
    • Spaghetti and meatballs (meatballs with some sauce over greens)
    • Cheeseburgers (lettuce wrapped or bunless with all the fixin’s) and jicama fries
    • Pizza with fat head or cauliflower crust

Snack Lists

  • Lunch items like charcuterie or keto lunchables, meat and cheese rollups, etc.
  • Keto chips – cheese wisps, pork rinds, moon cheese, etc.
  • Nuts
  • Favorite low carb protein and nut bars
  • Delicious dips (guacamole, spinach & artichoke, ranch, veggie, etc.) with cheese wisps, keto crackers, cauliflower or carrots
  • Fat bombs and keto desserts
  • Keto or low-carb ice cream
  • Delicious coffee, tea and spritzer waters
  • Drink combos blended for treats:
    • Faux root beer float (root beer zevia, heavy whipping cream and ice blended
    • All the blended smoothies– Favorite tea with stevia and keto milk of choice (almond, coconut, heavy whipping cream, etc.) blended. Or a few berries with protein powder.

Keep me posted on progress and what keto favorite meals you find.  Keep the questions coming because it helps me give you content you want to read!

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