The early mornings are where I find my sanity.  The pounding of feet on pavement, blood gushing through veins, sweat pouring and labored breathing.  “Discipline the body.  Free the mind.” excellently said by Jocko Willink, author of “Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual“.

Having the morning routine time that is just about self love has enormous benefits.  Whether with a friend, or alone, listening to music, a podcast or some lucky occasions flowing water and nature; excessive sweating lends itself to mental clarity.  By the end of a rough workout, the hardest part of the day is hopefully complete.

During the tranquility/self inflicting torture, there is one sound that puts me on edge.  “Woof!”  Maybe I’m the twilight dog torturer?  Maybe my heavy breathing and loud pitter patter startles the hounds?  Either way, the barking is a completely dreaded noise.

I consider myself an animal lover. Proud pet owner of a dog, cat and fish. However, I’ve also been attacked by dogs.  Once bitten by a German Shepherd.  Lucky to have avoided other protruding teeth.  My running mate, Amanda, thinks I’m terrified of dogs!  Not the case, but I will absolutely pick up speed and get out of their way as quickly as I can.  I can’t even recall how many canine chases I’ve been preview to anymore. The most rememberable was with Naomi at the Land Between Lakes by a massive Mastiff.  I adore my friends, but when the chase is on, I’m out.  Not staying around to see how aggressive or friendly any animal is.

I would guess that 80% of households had dogs at the rate I’ve been barked at, chased, pounced at, etc..  With a quick google search, seems the more accurate number is 60% where 80% is pet owner in general from the APPA.

In effort to stay ahead of my pursuer yet capture evidence, I’ve tried snapping pictures of some encounters.  There’s a mixture of size, breeds and personality for your viewing pleasure.

On a recent run, the gaggle of geese were hissing.  I’d completely forgotten it was about the time of year when goslings overtake our pond. I blame spring, which has been a failure at making an appearance.

No animals were harmed in the taking of these photos.  Apologies if your pet was involved.  May your runs be energizing and safe!

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