Last week I had two cyst removed.  One was a trichilemmal cyst on the top of my head.  The other was epidermoid cyst on my shoulder.

The cyst on my head I’ve been calling my horn for over a year now (maybe two).  It wasn’t visible to look at.  No head, pore or anything to poke at.  I was always messing with it because it felt like a bone!  It didn’t budge and was incredibly hard.

The cyst on my shoulder looked like a black head.  Small little dot, but the pore/skin around it was getting hard.  I picked at it constantly.  Occasionally I’d beg Daniel to pick at it too.  He could get some stuff out of it, but no amount of medicine or acne cream applied had any effect.  I had this approaching two years as well.

The cyst removal was very cool.  I wish I would have gotten pictures of the cyst once they were out.  The horn looked like a small brown pearl.  The other was just a flesh colored tube from the punch tool used so was not as exciting to view.  The dermatologist said I might win the smallest cyst award.  No matter the size, I wanted them out!

My husband had sebaceous cyst on his legs and arms when we got married.  He was in agreement when I asked him to get them removed.  They weren’t bothering him.  Nothing oozing or crazy.  I just loved him and anything that shouldn’t be there, I wanted out!  They seemed like foreign objects just under the skin.  I went with him and was able to view the extractions.  They too were amazing with the appearance of little bundles of chicken fat.  Totally missed my calling to be a surgeon!

Tawny, my sister, has skin cancer.   It is very high maintenance and constant worry.  I highly suggest checking out her blog if you haven’t yet – Tawny Skin.   Her story should make us all more aware of what can happen to anyone at any age.

Our bodies are so precious and time is so limited.  Don’t hesitate on any spot, cyst, bump, etc.  If you have noticed something, get it checked out!  Do not let anything suspicious be ignored.  Additionally, do not take “no” or “we’ll watch it” for an answer.  If a doctor thinks it is okay, but you are concerned ask for a biopsy.  No hesitation!  If Tawny wouldn’t have requested some spots biopsied, they would have gone ignored.  My father-in-law has lung cancer and it started with a spot on his lung he found over seven years ago and just slowly monitored instead of getting an immediate biopsy.  It’s your body and you’re in charge of it.


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