Yes, we are those parents.  The ones who care not what anyone thinks.  The ones with no shame.  The ones who will yell or discipline the kids in front of anyone because it is more important they grow up to be decent human beings than to not get their feeling hurts.  The ones who will love and treat your kids the same as our own, which may mean you don’t want to leave your kids with us depending on your beliefs.  Love or hate our parenting style and that is okay.  Just feel sorry for our poor children and the embarrassment they will continue to endure in their futures.

During this ridiculous cold/flu/virus season, gatherings can be increasingly challenging.  We rescheduled a Christmas gathering for late January after some family illness.  We don’t want to get you or your kiddos sick!  We will keep our germs to ourselves and appreciate the same in return.  Tired of our kids being sick, we may say I miss you but please don’t visit until your are a few days clear of a previous illness.

This weekend was a dear friend’s daughter’s birthday party.   The extreme extent of our psychotic parenting style was visible to all as our children ran around Chuck-E-Cheese with rubber gloves on.  If we’d had face-mask available, they’d have been in those as well.  We also had a family huddle before going in with complete preparation of all the germs that would be readily available.  “Kids, there are probably sick people in here, or people who don’t know they are sick yet.

  • Keep your hands to yourself;
  • Don’t touch your face;
  • Wear your gloves while playing the games;
  • No getting into anything.  “.  Break.

I guess we could not show up at all.  That would make us true germophobes.  We love the kids in our lives too much for that though and want to be part of their celebrations.  So we will be there.  Yes, most likely late.  Maybe leaving early to limit exposure.

It is amazing how germ aware you become because your kids go around touching everything just like all the other kids creating mass germ breeding.  Cough, sneezes, snot all contained by whatever is readily available to the kids in the middle of their busy playing lives which is usually their hands or clothes.  Seriously, gross.

My four year old gave me strep.  I didn’t know she had it.  We had investigated everyone’s throats when mine become sore.  She is just a strep carrier.  Hers wasn’t visible until she got a rash.  I asked her about germs and she drew me this picture:

I could not be prouder!  The sooner we can make them aware, the better for the entire family!

Raising kids ain’t easy.  Taking care of sick kids is terrible.  Taking care of sick kids while you too are sick is barely survivable.  So if our kids show up in a hazmat suits, don’t take offense.

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