Tea, tea and more delicious Tea!  Yes, bulletproof coffee is not my only drink obsession.  Besides consuming large quantities of water, it’s really all about the tea.  Cold tea, hot tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, whatever tea… just gimme that tea!

Tea is fascinating.  Many different varieties all coming from the plant camellia sinensis native from the countries you’d expect like China, but being grown in 62 countries now!  The different types of tea are based on how the tea leaf is prepared.

Black tea is allowed to wither and dry out in an oxidation process that makes it have dark color.  It usually has highest caffeine contents and most robust flavor as well.

Pu-erh tea is an aged black tea.  It keeps longer than the loose leaf black variety.  Known for having medicinal properties from the microflora and bacteria used in the almost fermentation process.  Called a “living tea”.  The preparation eliminates the bitter flavor leaving only an earthy and mellow taste.

White tea is young delicate leaves with no oxidation that has a light sweet flavor.  The white is the fuzz underneath the new buds.  This tea undergoes least amount of processing.  Usually less caffeine with gentle aromas and most antioxidants.

Green tea is allowed to wither only slightly before it is heated rapidly to stop the enzyme responsible of oxidation process.  The aromas vary from citrus like to smoky.  Matcha tea is ground green tea.

Oolong (wulong) tea is generally picked as mature larger leaves oxidized partially between green and black tea time.  Usually having almost a fruity flavor.  This tea is said to take more calories to digest it than it has in it making it a calorie deficit drink.

Tisanes teas are herbal or floral infused teas.  There are desert flavored teas.  Teas with nut shells.  I love the apricot, raspberry, chocolate, caramel and pumpkin varieties.  We pretty much call any herbs, flowers, etc., we steep in warm water tea.

Tea comes with seemingly endless health benefits.  Tea is full of antioxidants.  The least processed the more antioxidants, though all tea still has more antioxidants than anything else we consume.  Antioxidants help clear up free radicals which result in all kinds of health benefits like prevention of cellular aging, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, liver disease, and the list goes on.

Tea is said to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke.  Change the ph balance of your mouth and prevent tooth decay.  You can buy tea’s to help you relax, get over a cold, help a sore throat, detox, get energy or even help you poop.  The only negative I can think of is teeth discoloration which I’ll happily whiten my teeth occasionally to consume more tea!  Since tea comes in decaffeinated varieties, there’s something out there for everyone.

Not only is tea taste bud pleasing and beneficial to your health, it is also usually zero calories!  By far my favorite benefit.  I feel like I am getting something good for me or a treat and never had to sacrifice my health for my cravings.

If you are an Outlander fan, in season three Frank calls bagged tea an abomination with the bag being a “paper diaper” which I found hilarious.  I’m not picky on bagged versus loose leaf tea.  A good tea infuser works as well as a bag.

To expand upon what should be embarrassment of my tea addiction, here is a picture of just the amount of tea I keep at my desk for my enjoyment.

Call me granny T.  I sit at a desk freezing all day with my cup of hot tea (or coffee), wearing some awesome sweater and an electric blanket over my lap.

At this point I believe I am a tea connoisseurs.  If your aren’t yet, go buy some tea!  If you are, share your favorite teas!  The Good Earth “Sweet & Spicy” may be the best tea on the planet.

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