The title of this post was uncharacteristically a challenge for me.  Originally, I was going to call it Exilis for showcasing these results, but the content is deeper than just that amazing tool.  Then Skin Care for a couple of reasons.  First, to talk about self care.  Second, to pay homage to BG Skincare for their amazing work and professional staff.  Finally, settling on Acceptance for I believe it is very personal decision on what you decide to accept in life and when to decide to stop accepting.  When is it time for some rejection?

For always, I have accepted that I am not a petite female.  I’m okay with not being small as long as I also feel great.  With age and continued additional responsibilities, the euphoria of youth is ever fleeting.  Losing weight becoming increasingly difficult.  Stamina to chase my tasmanian devils minuscule.  After repeated failed diets and exercise programs, I simply gave up.  It was easier to accept who I’d become (middle aged overweight busy fatigued adult with a hectic life) if I wasn’t trying so hard to change it.  I was giving it 110% and not seeing results in any timely enough manner to be encouraged.  Even when I was being patient!

Ketogenic lifestyle has changed my life.  This statement by no means discounts my life prior.  I had and still have a good life with the most amazing support system (family, friends and coworkers).  However, the day I reversed my thoughts on food was the day I started accepting more rejection.

Being keto has completely changed my body.  I’ve not reached my goal weight yet, but I have full confidence that I will.  I’m trying to enjoy life and be as healthy as possible instead of always focusing on the scale number.  I’m concentrating on sharing my adventure so hopefully others who felt like me will be inspired to stop the acceptance.

Keto gave me the realization that I no longer need to accept being overweight.  I do not have to accept being tired.  I do not have to accept low energy to play with my kids.  As my life changed to reject the adulthood I have become accustomed to, I started to reject more and more things I thought I could not change prior.

I don’t know about you, but my self care swings to both extremes.  Most of the time I am truly neglectful.  Who has time?  Fitting the shower in the schedule is tedious enough.  Priorities tend to go (1) family is cared for and fed (2) work is stable (3) some form of exercise.  Check, check, check.  Day complete.  Is it time for bed even with a ketogenic lifestyle?  Then after much neglect, I carve out an enormous amount of time one day and pile it all in.  Manicure, pedicure, facial, teeth whitening, self tanner…. the works.

I’d love more balance.  A nightly routine where I rotate magical mask, skin rolling and microneedle rolling which result in glorious small pores and wrinkle reduction.   To age backwards like Cindy Crawford from my exceptional product usage and strict routines.  Fake tan every couple of days to maintain a bronze glow for more than two days then look like I have leprosy the remainder of the month.  Having polished nails at all times instead of  shining bright temporary then going bare because I can’t deal with the chipping.

Even with my skin care routines extremes, it amazes me what I decide to accept especially with my body.   Don’t get me wrong, there are some things I happily accept while others are begrudgingly so.

I happily accept hair that is a not so lovely dishwater blonde.  I don’t hate it all natural.  I went that way in 2 out of 3 pregnancies.  However, I prefer it with blonde highlights.  Maybe I will go get highlights twice a year when in reality I should probably double that.  I accept highlights and roots.

Growing up in the era where tanning beds were the best feeling invention on earth.  Aww, the warmth and daily bright meditation in a solar coffin.  Most skin issues seem so much better with a golden glow.  What cellulite?  I probably aged my skin more in teen years then I’ll do in the rest of my life combined (if I can help it).  I refuse to do any sun tanning after my sister, Tawny’s, skin cancer.  If I’m in the sun, there are massive amounts of sunblock, cover ups, hats and shade involved.  I accept being a fair lady.  I accept temporary reprieve by bad self tanning techniques.

Coffee and tea are a daily necessity!  Absolutely will not give them up.  I quit caffeine during pregnancies and have no plans to ever do so again.  I reject yellow teeth.  I accept bleaching my teeth at least once a quarter to keep showing some pearly whites.

My acceptances are because I am lazy, a tight wad, things about myself I have always dealt with (love or hate) so I am just use to it or it isn’t important enough to me to want to change.  Acceptance is personal and different for everyone.  However, post keto, I have a whole list of new rejections.  No judgement here if these are in your list of acceptance!  To each their own.

After losing weight, my stomach started having loose skin.  I know lots of women that do pregnancy beautifully.  I’m just not one of them.  I stayed swollen.  Have tons of stretch marks.  Weight loss deflation did no justice to the tapestry of my kids first art project.  No longer will I accept lose skin.  I’ve debated a tummy tuck.  Honestly, after three sections I’m just not interested in another surgery.  I started looking into non-invasive options that wouldn’t be a complete waste of money.  After much research and review stalking, Exilis seeming like the right fit for benefits of both fat melting and skin tightening by combining radio frequency and ultrasound technologies.

I contacted BG Skincare to start treatments on my stomach.  They have the best staff and bedside manner.  It can be very nervous exposing your most disliked physical attributes of your body, but they quickly put me at ease.   For the duration of treatments, we tried to measure at the same spot right under my belly button.

The first treatment I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’m an optimist, in general, so I could have easily been let down.  I measured my stomach prior to treatment at 44 inches.  The treatment was very pleasant.  It feels like a massage for the most part with heat.  There was no pain at all during my first treatment.  When we finished, I measured at 41 inches.  I lost 3 inches in 10 minutes.  I’m not exaggerating.day1

I was told to drink plenty of water and do light exercise for the coming weeks.  Both of which I already do so I felt well equipped and excited for my next treatment.  The next morning, the first thing I did when my eye balls popped open was to measure again.  I had lost another inch.  Seriously, this was incredible.


I went to 5 total treatments in 6 weeks.  During some treatments, the temperature would get hot enough to be unpleasant.  Allison would know when I was grinning and bearing it before I’d even complain and make adjustments.  They look for honest feedback to keep you comfortable during treatments.  After the initial treatment and astounding inches, there were less inches dropped per session but still continued skin tightening.  After the second treatment, I was down to 39 inches.  After the fifth treatment, I am down to 37 inches.


That is a total of 7 inches I lost off my waist in 5 weeks.  If you read my Resolution blog post, you can see that in all my measurement tracking I’ve not lost that many inches so quickly.  Here is a before and after of my stomach in inches and in total appearance.


I can’t express to you how hard I’ve been working.  I’m not sure how long with diet and exercise alone these results would have taken me?  I still have plenty of work to do, but I think these results are inconceivable!  How can I not share this?  I can’t be more pleased with the results or happy with my choice of the rejection of loose skin.

With the Exilis marvelous high from my stomach, I asked about my chin.  I’ve only had 3 treatments on it (out of the 4 suggested) and already have the results I was after.   With weight loss, the skin on my chin was sagging.  I found it incredibly embarrassing because IT IS ON MY FACE!  At least the stomach is hidden.  Only for my husband and you dear blog readers will I expose that beast.  I first noticed my chin flapping skin in February.  There were these 3 defined lines in the sag bag.  After the first treatment, I was down to two lines.


After the third treatment, no lines!  Here is a collage of before and immediately post each treatment.  I’ll attach a single before and after picture once the last treatment is complete.


It’s absolute insanity!  Can’t wait for the final chin treatment!

In the midst of all the magic at BG Skincare, I noticed my cousin, Crystal’s, gorgeous legs.  She’s always had great legs.  She has more height than me so I can pretend that is it.  However, our grandmother had spider and varicose veins horrifically.  I have not been surprised at the increasing rate of appearance on my legs.  However, I was green with envy that Crystal was escaping the curse.  She laughed at me and said she gets laser removal.  I didn’t even realize there was something I could do!

Fine, another rejection added to my list!  Asked BG Skincare at the next appointment and they offered all kinds of options.  I’ve had one telangiectasia treatment on the worst part of my calf.  It had good results.  I have so many, I’ve not decided which way to go with the rest yet.  I’ll keep you posted on results.  Here is a picture of the before and after of one spot treatment.


I’ve decided there is no complaint I can give BG Skincare that they can’t fix.  So what else can I reject?  What have I been so long accepting that I haven’t even considered alternatives?  I’m on a mission of self love and care.  I’ll continue to share it.

For the record, BG Skincare is not paying for my review.  I am supplying my honest feedback about the experience.  I have tried to capture images and measurements as accurately and consistently as possible.  I did allow some recording of treatments because I want to share these results.  You can view on YouTube.

Happy rejections in your near future!

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